Yvette Monstad – Sculpture

Yvette Monstad


I create sculpture out of a variety of materials including clay, metal, and stained glass. My background and education is in ecology, and all of my pieces are organic and nature-inspired. I love to re-purpose materials such as shovels, pans, metal pails, wine corks, and other metal and glass scrap. I recently moved to Massachusetts from Minnesota, and I’m enjoying exploring New England and find inspiration in the beautiful natural areas found throughout the region. I love adding beauty to outdoor spaces, and most of my pieces are designed to handle the outdoor elements, although they can also be displayed indoors. My clay masks are hand-built out of hi-fire stoneware or lo-fire clay, hand-painted with colorful glazes, and are fired in either an electric, propane, or wood-fired kiln. I use a plasma cutter, propane torch, grinder, and welder to create sculptures out of a variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. I love combining various mediums to create unique sculptures. I also have introduced lighting to some of my pieces, creating sconces, solar-powered luminaries, and lamps.

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